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Exterior House Painting Solutions and Services

One of your most precious assets is your home, and our exterior house painting services help you make it look its best. We care about the work that we do here at Tony's Painting, and so we never stop short of complete customer satisfaction. We stand behind our word and guarantee that your exterior residential painting will be done right the first time. Although we are well known for our residential interior painting and residential exterior painting, we also provide wood/deck staining, wood/siding replacement, stucco repairs. Not only do we bring our high quality team of painters, but we ensure a job well done. If we can answer any questions regarding the costs of exterior painting or if you would like us to provide you with an exterior paint estimate, please call us for a free quote at 1-800-504-9921!

Exterior House Painting Solutions

Our methodology and checklist enables us to deliver on our promise to provide you with a quality exterior house painting job that will last for years to come in the wet BC climates.  We understand that proper preparation is the foundation for a successful exterior paint job and this is why we spend approximately 50% of the time on the exterior of your home just in preparation for the application of our superior finish. Having the exterior of your home properly prepared and painted not only requires hard work, it requires attention to detail. Using a dependable and skilled team of service professionals, from estimating to job completion sets us apart from the rest. This enables us to complete your exterior house painting job properly and as expeditiously as possible and thus maintaining our exceptional customer satisfaction rating.

 1.  Assessment and communication.
Initially, we will coordinate with you to determine an acceptable time for completing your house painting project. Before any work is begun, your foreman and project manager will determine the best equipment and methods to use and the plan of action will be clearly communicated to you.

  2.  Wash and/or scrape.
Once we determine the best procedure for the age and condition of substrate, we will either scrape, hand wash and/or power wash all areas to be painted to remove all surface contaminates. Any mold or mildew will be removed with a bleach solution.

 3.   Additional preparation.
a)    We will scrape all loose/peeling paint and clean up primary scrapings, then sand/wire brush etc. as necessary to featheredge rough edges and remove glossy substrates to create a solid mechanical adhesion of the newly applied topcoat system.
b)    Pound in loose nails and drive nails/wood screws in where necessary to help tighten up loose boards.
c)    Remove and replace damaged or rotted wood/siding.
d)    Mask, tarp and cover /protect all landscaping, foliage and other non-painted areas.

4.    Masking.
 All non-painted surfaces shall be properly masked to avoid paint on unwanted surfaces.

 5. Primer
 Apply quality primer to repaired areas using the appropriate primer for the substrate type and condition to ensure proper protection and adhesion from substrate to superior top coat system.

6. Caulking
Remove as necessary heavily built up/cracked caulking and purchase and apply quality, paintable caulking to cracks up to ¼” (larger cracks would necessitate the use of backer rod) to all gaps where wood-meets-wood (wall/siding to soffit transition, windows, and joints and large nail holes). Also, apply wood putty as necessary.

7. Painting
Apply premium quality paint using the paint manufacturer’s proper equipment recommendations to achieve a uniform and superior finish.

8. Unmasking and cleaning
All masking materials will be promptly removed. In addition to our daily cleaning and we will do a final cleaning inspection.

8. Final inspection.
Once we have thoroughly inspected our work, we will then walk the job together to ensure your satisfaction and touch-up any other items.

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